Houston Al-Anon | Alateen District Meetings - Reasons To Attend

Houston Al-Anon | Alateen District Meetings - Reasons To Attend

For Houston and Surrounding Areas

Top Five Reasons To Attend A District Meeting

5. Work through the District in helping to initiate Public Outreach to institutions, professionals and the public.

4. Share ideas that work with other groups to strengthen all of our meetings.

3. Hear updates from the Al-Anon Intergroup office, the Area and World Service Office (WSO).

2. Represent your group by having a voice and vote in service issues for Al-Anon and beyond.

1. Keep the triangle of recovery in motion. Recovery (Through the Steps), Unity (Through the
Traditions), Service (Through the Concepts).

There are so many more. Attend a meeting to hear them. If you are currently attending District meetings, thank you for your service!

Questions For You

  • Interested in Alateen and how to keep the future of Al-Anon alive?
  • Want to know about Spanish Groups?
  • Questions about literature and how to order?
  • Interested in Public Outreach to share the news about Al-Anon/Alateen?

District meetings can help answer any questions. Don't miss out! Attend a District meeting and share your experience, strength, and hope in Service.