Houston Al-Anon | Alateen Privacy Policy


This privacy policy describes what personal information we collect and how we use it.

Collected Information

Our web servers, like most or all others, can and do track basic information about visitors. This information includes IP addresses, information about browsers, time of page views, referring pages and websites. We neither collect nor store form-submission data (E.g. zipcode search, etc.). We do not use this information to identify, or atttempt to identify, you.

We do collect and analyze information only to determine which pages are useful and to determine trends. We employ appropriate procedures to safeguard this information. We do not share this information with any third party or Al-Anon structure.

Our Email List

We maintain a news email list for those who would like to receive emails regarding news, announcements, event information and service opportunities. You may subscribe or unsubscribe to this list at any time. We do not and will not use this list for other purposes or share it with any third party.

Cookies and Session Tracking

We do not use browser cookies, so we do not collect or use information about your site preferences or history or track your previous visits. We do provide links to other Al-Anon websites and mapping services. These sites have their own privacy practices and we cannot control whether or not they use cookies or what they do with your session information. However, we do not forward any information about you or your page views, except when viewing a map, and that information is the generic address, only.

Contact Information

For questions or comments about our privacy policy, call the office (M-Th, 10-3) at 713-683-7227.