What is an ISR?

What is an ISR (Information Service Representative)?

ISRs are volunteers from individual groups who attend the quarterly ISR meetings held at Chapelwood United Methodist Church (Memorial Area), 11140 Greenbay.  Please encourage each of your groups to send an ISR to these meetings.   If your group does not have an ISR, please have your members elect one, and an alternate.  The ISR will then print and fill out an ISR Group Profile (in PDF or Word) and email it to the Intergroup office.  For the Date & Time of the next quarterly ISR meeting, click on the "Events" tab on the website.


  • Attend the quarterly meeting regularly
  • Gather information about Intergroup, Districts, East Assemblies, and WSO to share with their groups
  • Provide oversight and feedback
  • Serve on committees such as the annual Face2Face, workshops and Al-Anews newsletter
  • Recruitment of board directors and office staff
  • Relay needs of their group
  • Serve on outreach programs
  • Host speaker meetings for all other Al-Anon Houston groups
  • Organize a service day for Houston-Intergroup from your groups on or offsite
  • Organize a social day or night fundraiser for Intergroup
  • Explore other groups
  • Communicate learned ideas and suggestions to their group from Houston-Intergroup Al-Anon Family Groups